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LVL Up Design

Medium Ultra High Tech Dice Bag

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hey say that any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. This dice bag has its own little touch of technological magic.

The exterior of this bag features geometric shapes in royal blue and silvery shades of tan. The interior is a metallic silvery tan. The topstitching on this fabric GLOWS IN THE DARK. (Must be exposed to sunlight or UV light for 20 minutes prior.) The double cinch closure uses a strong grosgrain ribbon that will not break or tear, ending in a silver toned pull ring. 


Every dice bag has a cord lock to keep your dice, cards, counters, and small items safe and secure during transport. This bag is not only good for dice; it will keep your travel toiletries, board game pieces, small toys, or makeup in their place as well.

This is a medium bag measuring 6.5"wide and 8.5" tall, and can hold approximately 1lb of dice

This is a premade item and cannot be customized.

This bag has a premium steel cord lock.

This bag is machine washable, but will have to be ironed due to the nature of cotton fabric.

Please alert me if you have a cat allergy so that the bag can be properly prepared for shipment and immediate use.

Why Choose LVL Up Designs? Easy! Each bag is created with 100% cotton fabric unless otherwise stated. They're durable, machine washable, and curated to have unique pattern combinations of exterior and lining. Because the bags are 100% lined, they are STRONG. Whether you have pounds of dice, makeup, pens and pencils, or lead fishing weights, these bags will hold up to the pressure. Other bags leave their ribbon closures free, or simply tied, leaving them prone to fraying and coming untied. I finish my ribbon with metal (not plastic) beads for a polished look and special anti-fray formulas to keep the ends looking crisp and clean and locking the tied ends in place. Onto the topstitching. The drawstring casing sports either a reinforced topstitch or a decorative satin stitch for a little visual interest and decoration.